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On stage, but also when dancing or when traveling you can be very mobile with a compact didgeridoo. DAN MOI has specialized in such handy rolled up didgeridoos. They are instruments with high quality and a massive sound.

The didgeridoo is a natural trumpet on which advanced players can produce an enormous variety of sound. By the combination of different breathing techniques, voice effects and rhythms, a didgeridoo can sometimes sound like a natural instrument and other times like a synthesizer. From Northern Australia is has spread throughout the world since the late 1970ies. It has been appreciated for its sonorous sound which is rich in vibration.

In Australian Aboriginal mythology the sound of the didgeridoo is representing the pulse of the earth’s creation. First archaeological evidences of the didgeridoo are approximately 2000 years old: Rock paintings (petroglyphs) in North Australia show trunks of eucalyptus trees which were hollowed out by termites. But it is highly probable that these wooden trumpets are hundreds or evens thousands of years older.

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